Total Love Foundation of America, founded in 2018 in Florida (USA), was created by a team of visionary Brazilian women who live in different parts of the world, with the goal of becoming a channel of hope through educational projects for children in the state of vulnerability.

Among the various projects that we have developed focused on education, one project in particular has currently been the heart of our organization.

This project called Winners is carried out in Lebanon and aims to transform the lives of vulnerable refugee children. Among the various actions of this project, we highlight:

– Soccer school;
– English classes;
– Basic computer courses;
– Psychological support to deal with post-traumatic issues;
– Home visits to assess the families’ emergency needs;
– Vocational and technical training (sewing and regional cuisine programs, among others);
– Playful workshops for children.

Winners operates in two locations in the Becka Valley (Lebanon), and currently benefits 200 children. Soon, they will expand the project and serve 100 more children in a state of social fragility.

In the near future, our organization glances the use of all the expertise acquired in human welfare to develop similar work in areas of extreme poverty in Brazil.

TLF already has the support of ambassadors Emerson Rosa, “Puma” (former captain of the Brazilian team) and Dr. Rosana Alves, Brazilian neuroscientist with 3PhD’s, Best Seller author and director of the Neurogenesis Institute in Florida.

Important influencers are also embracing this cause since they believe that education is foundation for growth. Among these people are Cris Linnares (Therapist, Best Seller Author and only Brazilian to present Ted Talks in the United States), Samuel Antunes (Musician), Marcela Taís (singer of great prominence in the gospel scene), etc.

Like any nonprofit social organization, we rely solely on donations from people as you, who believe in this very same dream of transforming lives.

Your donations will be directed to the needs that are of an emergency nature in the refugee camp at that moment, such as:
1. Soccer school uniforms, cleats and sporting goods;
2. School supplies;
3. Cleaning and personal hygiene materials;
4. Sewing machines;
5. Kitchen utensils;
6. Computers and iPads for the English and computer classes;
7. Clothes and shoes;
8. Educational toys.

We invite you to join this chain of love and hope that will provide a more dignified and equitable future to many refugee children.

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Works tirelessly in providing food, personal items and furniture to needy families in South Florida. This program also helps providing specific technical and medical training to be applied in situations of natural disasters.


This program provides an educational retreat for victims and survivors of sexual and emotional abuse. It’s a life-changing event of emotional support and pain relief to many women who aren’t able to access such resources. HHH events are confidential, anonymous and private.


Winners is a project created to assist refugee children. Winners has mobilized a large team of professionals and volunteers to help build a soccer field and classrooms to engage these children in sports and English classes.


We are looking forward to our next Total Love project.