Total Love Foundation is a non-profit organization.

Founded in 2018, TLF brought together visionary people who are good by nature and committed to being agents of changes in the lives of children and adolescents who come from families living in extreme vulnerability. Through projects that encourage intellectual, social, emotional and physical education, TLF offers and supports actions that cultivate social values and enable children to find their potential to move forward in life.

These are events that promote individuals’ qualification, personal and emotional growth, life-transforming activities, educational, sporting, cultural projects, and initiatives of appreciation for communities in which these children are nested. Acting in an effective way in communities where there are children and adolescents in a situation of vulnerability, becomes a mission that requires dedication, technical preparation, hard work and many sacrifices most of times.


TLF has a firm belief that even facing great obstacles and difficulties, with collective determination and efforts there is a way to make significant difference.


Based on the belief that the work in favor of children in need must be a collective effort, TLF strives to positively intermediate the relationship between those in need who seek for help, and those who have the resources to share. This is attained by engaging volunteers, donors, companies and organizations as great partners on this mission. TLF believes that volunteer work benefits everyone involved, both the ones who are the target of the foundation’s actions who will have their needs met, and the very same volunteers and donors, who with financial and time availability find real personal satisfaction in becoming definitely agents of changes.

Being a member of TLF is to face challenges with optimism, much energy and the assurance of rewarding results. It is to understand that a dignifying future for the children is, consequently, a warranty of stability and prosperity for families and the whole society.

Summary of TLF goals:

  • Develop and support projects and actions that promote positive transformation in the lives of children and adolescents in situations of vulnerability.
  • Promote partnerships with companies, universities, private and public institutions to engage volunteer work.
  • Engaging both individuals and companies as financial supporters, in order to guarantee needed sustainability to implement the foundation’s qualified initiatives.
  • Raise interest among the community about the situation of fragility in which their children live in, such as zones of poverty, refugee camps, or victims of natural disasters and any other catastrophes


Quei Montanari

CEO/ Co-founder

Zina O'Connor

International Relations/ Co-founder

Aline Rosa

Project Director/ Co-founder

Alessandra Ulmann


Adriana Suzuki


Pablo Novais


Bia Souza

Public Relations

Dani Vezzi

Fundraising / Development Director

Chris Rocha

Logistics Director

Flavio Prego

Community Health Director


Dr Rosana Alves

3 Neuroscience Ph.D.s, author of the book “The Neuroscience of Happiness”

Emerson Rosa

Former Player and Captain of the Brazilian Soccer Team.